The education as a trainer imparts knowledge, competences and skills to be able to plan and conduct lectures, seminars and workshops professionally.
The trainers are able to convey any content, competences and skills to a defined target group in form of planned curricula.


  • vocational training completed or high school diploma.
  • At least 20 hours of experience as a participant in seminars that focus on communication or personality development.
  • Basics of communication and perception
  • Motivation theory, learning theory, definition of learning objectives, learning transfer
  • Personality and personality development models
  • Psychological profiling for target group analysis and job clarification
  • Planning and design of courses and seminars
  • Basic knowledge about the design of seminar and training sequences
  • Group dynamics: models, roles, forms of intervention
  • Effect of language, rhetoric and metaphor work


  • Conducting a job analysis and identifying learning objectives
  • discussion and question techniques
  • Techniques for active relationship building
  • Analysis of the target group
  • Effective planning and development of training design and training sequences
  • Use of methods from moderation, visualization, presentation and rhetoric, storytelling
  • Flexible use of methods to control group dynamics and to deal with difficult situations in the group
  • Abilities to maintain motivation and deal with performance lows.
  • Abilities to use and change the emotional state of the group.
  • Ability to use feedback to improve your own performance.
  • Abilities to maintain the own emotional state.
  • Ability to reflect

A pre-requisite for certification as a trainer is to fulfill all of the formal critieria.

  • 30 hours of theory (online possible)
  • 70 hours of method training (live)
  • 10 hours of supervision and self-reflection
  • final thesis including a seminardesign and a personal trainer’s profile
  • Written and practical testing
  • Commitment to the EAIC ethical guidelines

EAIC certifications are not business licences. The certification only means an assessment of qualification. For exercising the profession commercially, the legal framework defined in the respective countries applies.