As a Master Coach you represent part of the EAIC. You have implemented the training standards of the EAIC in the curricula of your own coaching training and pay particular attention to the observance of quality and ethical guidelines.
Note: Only a natural person can be certified, not a corporate body.

As a Master Coach you are authorized to certify training candidates of your training institute according to the training levels of the EAIC. (Individual credits are only possible directly through the EAIC.)

For the certification as a Master Coach all of the following training steps must be completed:

Training and Curriculum Vitae:

  • 30 years of age
  • University degree with at least one year of professional experience or completed professional education with at least 5 years of work experience
  • Proof of formal training as a coach in the minimum of EAIC standards (theory, practice, self-awareness and supervision)
  • Additional coach-specific advanced training covering at least 100 hours during the last 5 years
  • Additional self-awareness training of at least 50 hours during the last 5 years


Experience as a coach:

  • Proof of at least 300 hours of experience as coach and at least 3 work years of coaching
  • Recommendations of at least two other coaches or Master Coaches of the EAIC
  • Nomination of 3 reference clients (ensuring anonymity) and structured interview with at least one of the reference clients
  • Submission of a written reflection of the coaching experience to date
  • Submission of a written coaching concept (method, role-relationship and differentiation)


Training experience:

  • Submission of a written concept for an educational seminar, that meets the criteria of the EAIC
  • The one-time conduction of an EAIC education as trainer or co-trainer
  • Training for trainers for at least 150 hours or graduation from a one-day Life Supervision Seminar conducted by one of the supervisors appointed by the EAIC.


Other criteria:

  • Positive decision by the EAIC Board
  • Admission to the Association as Master Coach
  • Commitment to the EAIC training standards and ethical guidelines

An EAIC certification as a Master Coach is not a business licence. The certification only means an assessment of qualification. For exercising the profession commercially, the legal framework defined in the respective countries applies.